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The Journaling Mom

Writing down your feelings on a regular basis is a great way to relieve tension and anxiety. Sometimes it’s almost as if the thoughts transfer themselves from mind to paper so that the mind may rest. Journaling for your baby is also a very intimate way to keep a baby book. The words are from your heart instead of a fill in the blank record. Whether you choose one over the other or go for them both, journaling is a great release of creative energy that may be read and remembered years from now.

If you’re a new mom or even a well established mom, and the time is right for you to begin losing those dreaded baby pounds, then journaling may be just the ticket you need for success. Keeping a daily record of what and when you’re eating has been proven to help individuals shed extra weight. The double chocolate fudge cake doesn’t sound so inviting when it has to be written down in a journal. The quantity of food also seems to lessen when it needs to be written down. Serving sizes tend to be used more accurately this way. But the journaling doesn’t need to stop there.

Keeping a measurement and body weight log are also very helpful when combined with recording your workout routine. It allows you to analyze your results alongside your workout and make the appropriate changes for the desired outcome. For instance, if you’re losing body fat but not toning muscle as much as you’d like, referring to past workouts recorded in your journal may hold clues that too much emphasis has been put on cardio and not enough on weight training. On the other hand if your weight loss doesn’t seem significant but your measurements have lessened, look to add more cardio in your workout. Muscle weighs more than fat and by tracking your measurements you have record of firming your body even though the number on the scale may not reflect such amazing results.

Weight loss is not the only endeavour that you can benefit from with journaling. Emotional healing seems to progress more significantly when you have a creative outlet or release. Being a mom is not easy. Everyone knows this but for a new mom the idea may not be realized. It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to accomplish everything while constantly comparing yourself to everyone around you. Taking some time each day to write down how you’re feeling may seem too simple to solve anything but being able to look back and read past thoughts and feelings and compare them to how you’re feeling now is priceless. You will be able to witness your own emotional evolution as you take on your new role as mom and be proud of what you’ve accomplished through the ups and downs.

Keeping a journal for your baby is the most intimate record of the beginning of life. It is in your own words a description of baby’s growth and development along with great stories of new discoveries and adventures. There will be days when you can almost see the light bulb go on in baby’s mind as they really learn a new thing. These are the great entries that no fill in the blank baby book has the option of adding, but it is invited in a blank journal to log every light bulb event with complete accuracy to be reread and enjoyed years from now by you both. With every new tooth to the potty training adventure you will be adding to your baby’s book of life. Enjoy it and keep the pen moving, it will be the most valuable book you’ll ever have the pleasure of reading when your baby becomes an adult.

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