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Quick Pick Me Ups for Mom

When the day begins at the crack of dawn and the feeling that there’s so much to do and such little time starts to creep up in your mind, take a deep breath, literally. Feeling overwhelmed is easy and it’s even easier to bring down your mood so much that it carries throughout the day and never seems to shake off. At the very onset, close your eyes and use these techniques to help bring your thoughts back to a happier state.

Quick Mood Lifter
Take a deep breath. While holding it in, close your eyes and smile big. Better yet, smile huge! Count backwards from 10 while exhaling slowly. At the end of the exhale, still smiling, open your eyes. Continue to smile for as long as possible.

The Five Second Makeover
Depending on how your home is decorated, be aware of all reflective objects that you walk by during the course of your day. For instance, you probably walk past the bathroom mirror several times a day. How do you look at yourself when you see your reflection? Are you pleased with your reflection? Do you scowl at imperfections? Do you ignore your presence all together? The next time you run into the bathroom for anything, take a look at yourself in the mirror, smile and say a positive phrase to your reflection. Examples would be, “I am beautiful”, “Blessed be” or “I can overcome.” If a phrase doesn’t come to mind, try a simple gesture that makes you feel special. Some to try include blowing yourself a kiss, smiling or looking very satisfied at your reflection. After just a day or two of complimenting yourself each time you see your reflection, you will start to feel quite happy with how you look and also feel better about yourself.

Standing Tall
Inhale deeply while reaching your hands high above your head. Stretch out your entire body all the way down to your feet standing up on your toes. Exhale slowly bring your arms fluidly down to your sides and lower your feet to flat on the floor. Repeat until a sense of renewed energy fills you.

Never underestimate the power of a smile. It will make you feel better inside while doing it and it will make those around you feel better and want to smile with you. Misery loves company, that’s true. So why invite negativity into your life when you’re trying to be positive. Smile and dismiss the misery.

The Smell of Citrus
Have some citrus fruits on hand for a quick sniff to lift your spirits. The smell of citrus may give you an energy boost as well. If eaten, the fruit makes a healthy snack full of vitamin C that will provide the power to push through any tasks at hand. Vitamin C will also aid in preventing you from catching a cold and keeping you on the couch. But then again, who has time to stay on the couch all day anyway?

Drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water daily will do more than make your body work more efficiently; it will keep your mood at an even keel as well. Mild dehydration may cause headaches, muscle cramps and constipation. None of these symptoms will help you boost your spirits into a better mood so why have them in the first place. Grab a glass of water and drink to your health and happiness.

The most important thing is to know that there is time enough to get everything on your “to do” list done. All tasks will find themselves accomplished, whether it be under stress or not. Look around and take stock in all of the “already done’s” if you need a little inspiration.

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