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Meditation to Soothe a Stay At Home Mom’s Soul

If the time arises when you’re quietly holding your content infant in your arms and can’t help but feel a sense of love and peace surround you both, take advantage of this moment with a quick meditation that may benefit you both.

Safety is first. Be sure that there is no way your baby can fall if you should relax to a point that you could let go of her. Having your baby in a carrier that straps to your body is best. This meditation has healthful benefits and should not cause any physical injury. If baby is asleep in a crib or swing, simply sit as close to the baby as possible.

Relax. Turn off the TV and enjoy the quiet stillness. Close your eyes. Any thoughts that may be racing through your mind should be put to rest for this time. Your mind should be quiet.

Smile. Know that you’re in the presence of a miracle, your baby. Revel in the thought of how special you and your baby are to have created such a miracle. Imagine all the cute faces your baby makes along with the cooing sounds and giggles. Then imagine all of the wondrous things to come as baby grows and develops. Smile knowing that you’ll be there to witness every milestone you can while doing everything in your power to help baby achieve all it can.

Understand. Try to understand that while your baby is learning new things from you and the world around it, you are also learning new things from your baby. Understand that while your baby may get frustrated when it is unable to solve a problem or accomplish a task, you too may also get frustrated when you’re unable to accomplish a goal.

Forgive. The ability to forgive you for not being perfect is priceless. The house will not be spotless all of the time. The laundry will pile up unexpectedly. Gourmet meals do not always find their way to the dinner table every night, and sometimes not at all. This is normal and once you forgive and accept that you are doing all that you are capable of doing, you may find peace.

Smile, again. Relax, again. Enjoy the quiet time you have left with further contemplation or a simple cup of tea.

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