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Stay At Home Mom’s Tools for Survival

Taking on the task of a Stay At Home Mom is not as easy as it may sound. The responsibilities are endless and on demand around the clock and mostly performed with little to no sleep. A new baby needs to be fed, bathed, entertained by books or simple activities and let’s not forget the constant diaper changes. Although these items seem easy enough to perform, they are by far not the only responsibilities of a stay at home mom.

Even while the new baby is sleeping there are still jobs to be done around the home. Laundry for instance, is constant along with washing dishes and bottles. There is also the matter of making sure the household bills are paid on time, groceries are bought, dinner is made for the rest of the family and the home maintains a level of cleanliness that is comfortable for the family.

To lessen the stress of these day to day requirements, organize and prioritize! Get out a pen and paper and write down all the activities that need to be done while baby is sleeping. Try not to leave out anything, even the smallest task may take a few precious minutes that seem unavailable to grab a hold of. Once written, look long and hard at each one and rewrite the list in order of priority with the most important task taking the top spot. This is the task that gets done first when baby naps during the day. Keep working down the list while baby is sleeping and if the list is finished before baby wakes, congratulations! If not, put the list aside and dedicate time to baby until the next nap time. Working in this way will make sure that the most important daily chore always gets done and if any don’t get done during the day it’s not a calamity because they weren’t a priority to begin with. The list may carry out to the next day and then cycle back to the top when finished.

Time management is the most useful skill in being a stay at home mom. Sometimes this requires dinner to be prepared and in the oven during the baby’s afternoon nap at 1:00 pm and then reheated when the family is ready to eat. It may become the norm for laundry to be in the washer at 4:00 am after baby’s early morning feeding when it’s just too late for mom to go back to sleep. Compromises are made every day but the most important thing is to eliminate as much stress over the everyday tasks as possible.

Is there any time left for mom? Finding that sweet spot during the day where the Universe seems to align and a relaxing shower or bath can be taken in peace is priceless. It is this time alone, attending to only her that helps in recharging a positive mindset. Other ways to uplift a tired spirit may be as simple as a cup of tea, meditation or keeping a journal of the day’s experiences. Time alone for mom is extremely limited, but making the most of those available moments during the day can make the mundane tasks like laundry seem less of a hassle.

While baby is awake and ready to play, singing and dancing are wonderful ways to make mom and baby smile. A great way to do this is to hold baby close while making slow fluid movements. Singing a favorite song while dancing may take mom’s mind off of any current tensions, if only for a few minutes at a time. Baby will love the closeness to mom and the movements and sound of the dance and song.

Soon more time will be available as baby develops a routine and sleeps for longer periods at a time. Until then, try not to stress over chores. Organize, prioritize and spend every moment possible building a loving bond with the new baby.

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