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Choosing the Right Colors for Babies and Kids Rooms

Decorating a baby’s room is a thrilling adventure full of possibilities of endless color combinations, but before you dive into the latest trends, consider the energy given off by each color chosen to be in the room. Ever wonder why you can walk into one room and get such a soothing feel from the space yet no matter how the furniture is moved around in another room the feel just isn’t there? Color may be the answer. Each color holds a specific vibration or energy that adds to the mood of the room.

When decorating a baby’s room think beyond the typical blues and pinks and gender roles and go with the feel and energy. For instance, blues may be beneficial to girls as well as boys in providing a tranquil presence in the room. Shades of blue are very calming and great colors to fall asleep in. Working with softer shades of blue and combining them with pinks produce a very serene space for a baby girl that will have a feminine flare.

Color combinations to take into consideration if encouraging sleep is the goal should include blues and grays. Blue carries with it a very tranquil energy while gray works well to neutralize any negativity. The result is a calming space that tends to make you forget negative thoughts as you enter the room. For a feminine touch try combining softer blues with touches of pink. Pink holds a very feminine and loving energy that will add a friendly feel to the room. If you’re totally against having blue in a girl’s room, a combination of gray and pink will also work well. If it’s a boy you’re decorating for, gray walls with blue accents is neutral enough to withstand the years to come but will also achieve the soothing and comfortable feel of the room for a newborn baby.

Toddlers and preschoolers would benefit more from colors that spark their intellect combined with colors that soothe and comfort. A great combination to try is yellow and green. For boys, you might want to go with the primary versions of these colors using yellow for the walls and green for the curtains, bedding and accessories such as book shelves and area rugs. In a girl’s room, try neutral beige walls with Earthy tones of yellow and green in the window treatments and bedding. Green will provide a level of comfort with its healing energy while yellow ignites the intellect and aids in concentration in areas of study and learning. Toddlers and preschoolers are at the age where they are absorbing all information around them. Reading, playing and learning while surrounded by yellow may help your child retain the information presented to them.

As children get older, they may wish to show their independence by choosing the colors of their room. Colors to keep out of a space used for sleep, no matter how much they may beg, are red and orange. These colors carry with them such a stimulating energy that if sleep was accomplished in this room, it would not be a deep sleep. Red is a very passionate color, and even in the parent’s room is not recommended due to its high energy level. Orange carries with it one type of energy, stimulating. In a room with a high activity level such as the kitchen, this would be perfect, not in the bedroom. Black however is where you may want to bend a bit and give in. Black is an absorbing color and tends to suck out negativity leaving you feeling free of the stresses from the day. Black sheets under colored blankets or a comforter may be just the key to a deep night’s sleep without using the color as the primary focus of the room.

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